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Temperature and humidity

Temperature is a physical quantity that characterizes every activity and type of measurement, whether it is the primary quantity or an influencing one.

The metrological laboratory METLAB is Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 for the calibration of temperature measuring instruments in the range -40 to 1100°C.  Moreover, the laboratory offers a series of calibration services, with traceability to the International System of Units, of a multitude of devices such as heat treatment furnaces, climate controlled chambers, pyrometers, IR thermometers, and many other temperature measuring systems.

METLAB also offers calibrations of humidity measuring devices, such as hygrometers in the range 10-90%rh, or combined instruments for measuring temperature and humidity.


In production, and in particular in the mechanical sector, length represents the most used physical quantity. Every produced artifact must comply with small tolerances with respect to the nominal value, often of a few millionths of a meter.

For the calibration of length measuring instrumentation, METLAB uses two climate controlled metrological rooms equipped with extremely accurate measuring machines. Our Lab offers calibration services for calipers, micrometers, probe and dial indicators, plain and threaded plug gauges and rings, metric gauge blocks (Johnson) and several other devices.


Masses and scales represents the history of metrology, being invented thousands of years ago (the oldest findings of some kind of scales are from Egypt in the tomb of Nagata, dating back 3000B.C.). Today, the quantity of mass is known with a very high accuracy and scales offer extraordinary performances (the most accurate can measure a few tens of billionths of a gram!)

Our METLAB metrological lab performs calibration of masses from 0,001 g to 20 Kg, with accuracies adequate for F2 class according to the international standard OIML 111R. METLAB also offers calibration of scales in the range from 0,01 to 1000.


The quantity of pressure is the one for which METLAB has significantly improved, over the past few years, both in term of accuracy and range of measurement. Our lab offers calibration services of analog manometers (Bourdon pressure gauge) and digital ones (load cell), pressure transducers and data-loggers and several other instruments in the range from -90 kPa to 6 MPa in nitrogen and from 0 to 280 MPa in sebacate oil with accuracy up to 0,02% of the full scale of the device.

Force and torque

Isaac Newton would say that force is merely mass multiplied by acceleration (F=m·a)!

In reality the measurement of a force is not trivial, especially when it comes to torque.

METLAB offers calibration services for force measuring instruments such as dynamometers and load cells both in traction and compression over a range from 0 to 30 kN. Our laboratory also offers calibrations of torque measuring instruments such as torque wrenches, drivers and torque meters, with or without indication of the turning angle.

Electrical quantities

Electricity has been the keystone for the industrial development of the past century and for the development of today’s communications. Without electricity the world would come to a stop, literally. Following its spread, the demand for measurements of electricity have increased, not only for what concerns the measurement of energy quantities but also for all aspects related to safety.

Our METLAB laboratory is able to provide calibration of devices for the measurement of electrical quantities (multimeters, current clamps and much more) and for electrical safety testing (insulation measuring devices, continuity, RCL and more). Moreover, we offer calibration of control panels of electrical quantities installed in industrial general testing or acceptance testing facilities up to 200 kVA of power.

Acoustic quantities

Sound or noise? In fact the difference between the two terms is purely subjective! What combines a pleasant acoustic event with an unpleasant one are the fundamental parameters of the acoustic wave: pressure and frequency. These two parameters can be perceived in a completely different way depending on the environment in which the wave propagates. Measuring and monitoring noise can be rather complex and requires, besides the experience of the technician who performs the test, also sensitive and sophisticated equipment.

METLAB is able to provide calibration of phonometers, acoustic spectrum analyzers and calibrators of any brand according to the applicable international standards.

F-GAS devices

Considering the growing issue of the emission of fluorinated gases into the atmosphere, an important cause of greenhouse effect and ozone layer depletion, first the regulation (UE) n. 517/2014 of the European Parliament and Counsil, and then the executive regulation (UE) 2015/2067 of the European Commission defined a series of skills, certifications and technical requirements for all companies and technicians working in the field of air conditioning and fire suppression which use fluorinated gases.

METLAB offers calibrations of leak detectors to such companies, which is mandatory once a year due to European regulations.

The laboratory also offers calibration services of manometers, gas canister scales, thermometers and multimeters used by installation and maintenance technicians.

Gas measuring devices

The reduction of polluting emissions has been the codeword over the recent decades. Matching an exceptional economic development, an equally alarming increase of CO2 emissions and other gases into the environment in which we live followed. The monitoring of emission of heaters, vehicles and industrial plants is regulated by strict norms which require the periodic analysis with specific gas analyzers, which themselves require calibration.

Our METLAB metrological laboratory offers calibration services of combustion gas analyzers for testing of domestic heaters and for the analysis of industrial smoke emissions and other process gases.

Non-disruptive testing devices.

The term  “non-disruptive testing” refers to all methods and technologies which allow one to verify the state of an artifact without altering its characteristics. The “NDTs” based on visual checks, permeating liquids and magnetized particles are known as “surface tests” because they only verify the surface conditions of an artifact, or just below the surface. On the other hand, tests based on ultrasounds, Phased Arrays, Eddy Currents, or radiographic-gammagraphic tests are know as volumetric tests, able to scan the entire artifact.

METLAB offers calibration services of ultrasound devices (Flaw detectors), Phased array devices up to 128 channels, X-ray tubes (Pin Hole method), magnetic yokes, magnetic field meters, luxmeters and radiometers.

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