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Speaking of outsourcing means speaking of transferring a company process, or part of it, to an external company equipped with the necessary skills to take care of it and manage it correctly. Usually this has to do with internal company processes which, although necessary, drain time and precious resources to the company core business. Outsourcing therefore allows one to optimize processes and resources, obtaining a sensible reductions of costs, which become variable instead of fixed.

Thanks to a highly specialized staff, METLAB offers outsourcing services for testing activities for geometric specifications of products, quality control, and final acceptance testing in traditional and high-precision mechanical sectors.

Metrological consulting

The metrological laboratory METLAB offers support to companies for the solution of problems concerning measures, calibration of measuring and monitoring devices, their choice and management. The main services we offer deal with the development and improvement of the measurement management process according to the standard UNI EN ISO 10012, the management integration of the measurement uncertainty and the decision making rules for the metrological confirmation of artifacts according to the standards of the UNI EN ISO 14253 series, the creation of calibration procedures and internal control plans in agreement with the relevant regulations.


We believe that the necessary competitiveness of a company originates from training, acquiring new working procedures, and the knowledge of new technologies. A corporate culture based on training and continuous learning by workers is indeed an integral part of a broader strategy for growth. Training brings both immediate and long-term advantages to the company. Thanks to its professionality, METLAB is active in the dissemination of the metrological culture through training events, also at a client’s location.

Sale of thermoelements and measuring devices

For modern companies of any size, propelled towards the fourth industrial era knows and “Industry 4.0”, the adoption of management models that allow a continuous performance improvement – both concerning the product characteristics and economical aspects – is fundamental. State of the art measuring devices, suitable for the measurement processes of the company, are necessary to reach these goals.

Thanks to our collaboration with important producers of measuring instruments and thermoelements, METLAB is able to provide its customers, besides metrological support, also the necessary devices to obtain measurements more and more accurate, repeatable and reproducible.

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